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From Fad to Fact: HITT Training Just Plain Works

When it comes to guiding people to physical fitness and sports performance, there are two kinds of exercise leaders:  The kind who learn from personal experience and the kind who learn from college, clinics and a whole lot of textbooks and medical journals.  The former tend to rely on rumor, fads and gut instinct to guide their advice, while the latter need hard proof before they start making broad recommendations and exercise claims than can potentially get someone hurt.

When HIIT Training first got attention as the new buzzword-of-choice, my immediate reaction was to label it a “fad” and stick with the basics of cardio: Steady-state training, fat-burning zone, and a rhythmic (albeit sometimes boring) consistency.

But, as the world of fitness science learned more and more, we came to understand that HIIT Training, (High-Intensity Interval Training) is actually a relatively safe, and highly effective way to burn more fat in less time, and to condition the heart beautifully. With HIIT Training essentially burning fat more effectively than traditional cardio, most people can cut their workouts in half and still get the desired outcome of fast fat loss combined with the reduced risk for stroke or heart attack.  Plus, while the high-intensity intervals require some very hard work, most people enjoy that they’ll spend more time in the rest-interval than in the hard intervals, meaning that you never need to work too hard for too long.  

HIIT workouts are pre-programmed in many of the pieces of fitness equipment offered by G&G Fitness Equipment.

Our staff recommends:

Airdyne AD Pro

Matrix A50 XIR Elliptical

Octane Q47

Life T5 Treadmill with Track Connect

Inspire Cr2.1 Cross Rower

Far from the “bro-science” that it may have first seemed to be, HIIT has turned out to be a very scientifically-justified way to burn fat more quickly and with less boredom… Who can argue with that?


At G&G Fitness Equipment, your goal is our goal! If you have any questions about the equipment we offer, or want to talk to an expert, use the chat feature below, find a location near you, or contact one of our expert fitness equipment consultants.

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