Travel Fitness: 9 Ways to Stay Fit

Are you one of those people who find it hard to stay healthy and fit while traveling? At some point in our lives, we're one like you too. We also have our days when all we want to do is relax and bask in the glory of the destination we're visiting.

It's normal to have zero motivation to keep doing your fitness routine when traveling. But that doesn't mean you will let that mindset derail you from the progress you've made.

It's time to change that perspective.

Find the will to dedicate time in the morning for your workout before you prepare to set out for an adventure. It's going to make a whole lot of difference! Imagine releasing plenty of endorphins before you walk out of your hotel or apartment. We bet you're going to have a sunny disposition all day long.

To inspire you more, here are nine ways you can stay fit and healthy even while traveling:

Walk or Run Around Your Vicinity

Travel Fitness: 9 Inspiring Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy While Traveling 

If you're dead set about a regular workout routine, find a house or apartment rental with a place where you can walk, jog, or run. It's one way of keeping your cardio routine in check.

Sometimes, just walking or jogging to a breakfast place is enough to pump up your blood circulation. You can even skip taking the bus or the train if you think the next tourist spot on your list can be reached by walking.

It might even open you to finding interesting spots like passing by a hole in the wall bistro that could be an excellent place for lunch or dinner.

Take a Light Equipment With You

You don't need to bring heavy equipment with you. Leave the weights behind. Other alternatives could get you to move even when you're traveling abroad.

One of our favorite go-to fitness accessories when traveling is resistance bands. It's lightweight and handy. It wouldn't even take up much space inside your checked luggage. The great thing about these bands is that it works almost all parts of the body— arms, legs, and even your shoulders.

You can also bring a skipping rope, which is very much a trend nowadays. It will help you achieve a full-body workout plus an intense cardio session without hurting your luggage weight.

Use Your Hotel Room to Work Out


Use Your Hotel Room to Work Out

Maximize your hotel room. Turn it into a gym or a fitness center where you can freely do your routine. And the best part? No prying and judging eyes.

It's an opportunity to be the fitness enthusiast that you are like how you are when you are at home. Just make sure you pick a spot wide enough to work on your exercises. We don't want you to break any part of the hotel, which can incur your fees for broken items.

Use a Fitness App

Use a Fitness App to workout while traveling

No trainer to talk to when traveling? No problem! A fitness app will do the job for you. You can adjust the difficulty of each exercise according to your preference. You can even pick a plan that will work best for you.

Fitness apps are a gift to humanity. Imagine being thousands of miles away from your gym's comforts, but you still get a guided workout routine to ensure your overall wellness.

Most apps will remind you to breathe naturally when doing your routine as a personal trainer. You can also set the alarm on the app to nudge you when it's time to get your body moving.

Exercise in Local Parks

Aside from your hotel room, you can also use local parks around the area to your advantage. There may be a good trail for your morning jog or at least space where you can set up your mat and do some yoga.

The fresh air from the trees in the local park could also do your mental being some good. A different setting could pump up your motivation, leading to a better and more enhanced workout session.

Eat Healthy Whenever You Can

eat healthy while traveling to stay fit 

It's tempting to feast on every local meal you find. To resist the temptation of these delectable goods is a challenging battle between your brain and your tummy.

There's no doubt that you'll engage in a debate with yourself. Nonetheless, the only thing you need to do is to let the desire to be fit and healthy win the discourse.

We tend to overeat during our trips, pretty sure most of you can relate to this. But there's a way to address this concern. You may eat as many as you like, but try to keep your calorie count in check. Go for the healthier options instead. Vegetables, fruits, and fewer sweets are often enough to keep you right on track of your fitness routine.

Stay Hydrated

This particular item is probably the most natural healthy trick that you can do while traveling. It may be the simplest, but it's also the most important one of all.

Making sure that you hydrate your body throughout the day can do wonders for your well-being. Physically, you can instantly feel that you are less bloated when you fill your body up with water regularly.

But there are also other benefits that you may not feel at all, but it is there. For one, it can help improve your physical functions. You probably won't attribute your agility and endurance with water, but surprise! That's what hydrating regularly does to your body.

Take a Local Fitness Class

Some cities and towns have specialized fitness classes for travelers. For instance, Bali is known for offering plenty of yoga classes. In Japan, you can take a shot at one of their aerobic classes in the morning.

Wherever you are in the world, you can find something for you and your fitness goals. You can join any of those if you feel you can perform better when joined by other fitness devotees.

Be Active and Have Fun

have fun and be active while traveling 

Above all, the goal is to have fun while staying active. Your itinerary may be packed with plenty of sights to see, but don't let it stop you from living a healthier life.

Don't put too much pressure on yourself. A simple workout routine will do. Remember that you don't need to exert an additional layer of effort to complete your regime. Accept that you're in a different setting, your usual exercise can take the backseat for a while and make room for a modified set.

It's nice to know you carry with you the motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle wherever you are in the world. Don't let the lame excuses get to you.

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