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G&G Fit-Pick: Matrix A50 XIR


Welcome to the weekly product showcase! Every week, one of our expert team members makes a recommendation of one of their favorite products and explains why they recommend it to their clients and friends.

This week, Scott Altier from Akron, Ohio recommends the Matrix A50 XIR Ascent Trainer. The A50 XIR provides one of the most powerful, efficient cardiovascular workouts on a G&G Fitness Equipment showroom.

“I like an elliptical that burn calories quickly and the Matrix A50 does exactly that,” says Scott. “I like the free-floating suspended pedals because they’re friction-less, smooth, natural feeling, and quiet. I like the fact it can go from a 24-degree incline all the way up to a 54-degree incline, to recruit the posterior muscles in my legs (glutes, hams) for a much faster calorie burn. When doing interval training I like the Exact Force Induction Brake feature that changes the resistance instantly with zero wait time. Tons of beneficial features.”

I personally also highly recommend the A50 to my clients, and it is a machine I frequently use in my home store. I have a user profile set up on the XIR console, and I love hopping on the machine and not having to deal with a lot of programming before I begin. The XIR is extremely intuitive in the sense that while it has a lot of features and benefits to offer its user, it is streamlined and easy to navigate and get going. Add in the extra bonuses of being able to watch Netflix right there on the machine, or engage a Virtual Active course and run down the Vegas Strip, and you won’t want to stop exercising!

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