Gronk Dual Lat Pulldown and Low Row Selectorize

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Gronk Dual Lat Pulldown and Low Row Selectorize

The Gronk Dual Lat Pulldown and Low Row Selectorize machine is designed to provide comprehensive upper body workouts, targeting both the latissimus dorsi and lower back muscles. This versatile equipment is perfect for commercial gyms and dedicated home fitness spaces, offering robust construction and user-friendly features. Enhance your upper body strength, improve muscle tone, and achieve balanced muscle development with this dual-function machine.

Key Features of the Gronk Dual Lat Pulldown and Low Row Selectorize

Constructed from high-quality materials, the Gronk Dual Lat Pulldown and Low Row Selectorize machine ensures durability and reliability. The solid steel machined weights and self-lubricated bushings provide smooth and consistent motion. The aluminum weight stack pin allows for easy weight selection, catering to various fitness levels. Its anti-scratch electrostatic powder-coated finish guarantees long-lasting durability, while the nylon-coated cables offer superior strength and flexibility.

The machine features marine-grade, double-stitched upholstery for maximum comfort and longevity. The tinted low-profile shrouds on both front and back enhance its sleek appearance. Additionally, the water bottle holder and rubber feet on the frame protect the floor and prevent the machine from slipping, ensuring a safe and efficient workout environment.

Additional Attachments

  • Ergonomic seat and backrest for enhanced comfort
  • Adjustable weight stack for a customizable workout
  • High-grade pulleys and cables for smooth motion
  • Water bottle holder


Specification Details
Length 211 cm / 83.1 inches
Width 124 cm / 48.8 inches
Height 223 cm / 87.8 inches
Weight 158 kg / 348.3 lbs
Load Capacity 100 kg / 220.5 lbs
Weight Stack 220 lbs
Frame Construction Solid steel machined weights
Weight Selection Aluminum weight stack pin
Cables Nylon-coated
Upholstery Marine grade, double stitched
Weight Shroud Tinted low profile shrouds
Pulley System Sealed-bearing nylon pulleys
Feet Rubber feet

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