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G&G Awards Runner with Octane Zero Runner

First off, CONGRATULATIONS!  Julia Shad is an active runner in the Ohio community and recently won the Octane Zero Runner through G&G Fitness at the Cleveland Marathon.


Tell us your story (role, location, background, hobbies)

"I am a Speech Therapist born and raised in Cleveland, OH currently living in Westlake. I spent a bulk of my career traveling, which gave me the opportunity to enjoy races across the US. I always enjoyed running, but it became an important part of my life in 2012 when I completed the Air Force Half Marathon."


What are you passionate about? Why?

"I am passionate about running and dogs. Running is my stress relief, my “me time” and always makes me feel better and relieves any stress. It is my morning coffee. I don’t feel awake unless I have gone for a run. I’m also very passionate about dogs. I have a rescue that I got on my travels and also volunteer at City Dogs. They are always happy to see you, run with you, they give unconditional love and are grateful for you."


How will the Octane Zero Runner help you exercise?

"I have suffered injuries and it will help to keep me to continue with my training without the stress of the pavement. Also, with it being in my home there will be no excuses."


Go for gold Julia!  Congratulations again, enjoy your new Octane Zero Runner 

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