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What's Your Goal? Lose Weight 2

Congratulations on identifying your goal! Losing Weight will come from raising your heart rate for a period of time in the safest, most comfortable way.  

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For Weight Loss, We Recommend:

Life FItness RS3 Recumbent Bike

Being seated doesn't mean being lazy!  It's about getting your heart rate up in the safest and most comfortable way.  Mesh back seat provides great air flow, easy walk through design for anybody to use, reclining seat to accomodate any body type.  Select a workout that will automatically change its resistance to keep you in a fat burning zone automatically and without touching a single button!

Get a Personalized Recommendation with our Virtual Bike Assistant.

Virtual Exercise Bike Assistant

Precor TRM243 treadmill.

Get instant feedback on your heart rate and walk with a great cushioning system.  All Precor machines were designed with a nice soft surface where the impact occurs and then it gradually gets firmer so you push off with great stability.  You can also choose whether you let your arms free swing or hold on.  It's all up to you.
Get a Personalized Recommendation with our Virtual Bike Assistant.
Virtual Treadmill Assistant




Choose a Goal to Begin:

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Your Goal is Our Goal.



The G&G experts are ready to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you are an experienced athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, we've got recommendations to help you get there!
Of course, we always recommend visiting one of our showrooms to try out the equipment and meet with an expert fitness consultant who can fit you for the perfect piece of equipment.
We are hopeful that these goal videos give you the information you need to take the next step in achieving your goal.
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